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"I would highly recommend Dr. William Coyne and Dr. Jon Coyne to anyone who is looking for a professional, caring and personable dentist. I've been a patient since I was a child, Dr. William Coyne was my first dentist and now I see Dr. Jon Coyne, they are the only dentists I trust with my teeth/mouth. Fortunately I haven't had any major issues with my teeth thanks to their preventative care and oral health instruction. They make a visit to the dentist as pain free and pleasant as possible, and that's saying a lot since most people hate going to the dentist. The hygienists and staff are excellent too; they are well-trained, professional, friendly and caring."
- Lindsay, Dayton

"I recently relocated to the Dayton area and was quite familiar and comfortable with my old dentist. Therefore, I was a bit apprehensive about visiting a new dental office. After a tooth became bothersome, I made an appointment with Dr. Jon Coyne. Dr. Coyne immediately put me at ease, listening to my concerns and gave my tooth through examination. He clearly explained the reason for my discomfort, possible solutions and was happy to answer all of my questions. In addition, His office and office staff are kind and welcoming. I highly recommend Dr. Coyne and his office for their warmth and professionalism."
- Allie, Oakwood

"Dr. Jon has been our family dentist now for over 3 years. He is the first dentist that we have had that really cares about our family and our health. I can always trust the treatment Dr Jon and his staff suggest. My two young children also loved Dr Jon. From day one, they have been at ease going to the dentist with his caring and loving personality. I would recommend anyone I know to try Coyne Dental."
- Kylie, Bellbrook

"The staff at Coyne dentistry is exceptional. From the office staff, to the dental hygienists, to the dentists, this group is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Not only have I been extremely satisfied with their service for myself, I was particularly impressed by my young daughter’s reaction to the office. She was immediately put at ease and welcomed in by the entire staff. It is a phenomenal group of people!"
- Molly, Oakwood

"I found myself last year with some tooth pain and knew I needed to go to the Dentist and get my teeth checked out. It had been two years since my last visit. To put it mildly, I was worried of not only the possible outcome, but also the lecture that was sure to come. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with my experience. When I showed up for my appointment the staff was very friendly. His assistant was very professional and polite and she took her time to make sure I didn’t experience any pain or discomfort. During this time, Dr. Coyne stopped in a couple times to introduce himself and make sure I was comfortable. Of course I had to have a filling and this was my worst fear. However, Dr. Coyne was very attentive during the process and certainly didn’t lecture me about my poor dental track record. From the time I checked in to when I checked out, it was a great experience. They are a very professional, polite staff. For someone that has spent the last several years either going to commercial type Dentists or letting my insurance dictate where I go, I can now say I have finally found my Dentist! I would highly recommend anyone that has an aversion to the Dentist to try Dr. Coyne."
- Kurt, Oakwood

"I had the occasion of having a special dental procedure done by Dr. Jonathon Coyne, because my dentist was on vacation. What a pleasant surprise! Everyone I encountered through the entire visit displayed happiness in what they were doing. As for Dr. Coyne, he did the difficult procedure very carefully and with very positive results for me. My current dentist is retiring soon, and my plan is to become a patient in this practice."
- Myron, Centerville